Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kaitheri Edam

Kaitheri Edam is an aristocratic Nambiar family belongs to Kannur District"Kaitheri" is a family name and "Edam" means family who got local ruling power, kaitheri Edam is well known for its long heritage of aristocracy and honuor.
Kaitheri Makkam wife of Veera Kerala Varma Pazassi Raja and Kaitheri Ambu great warrior of Veera Kerala Varma Pazassi Raja, were from Kaitheri Edam family.
Kaitheri Edam is located 3 kms from Kuthuparamba town(Kuthuparamba-Kottiyur Road) and still stands proud as a mark of 'Unity and love'.Sri Kaitheri Edam Bagavthi Temple is the family temple of Kaitheri family. The deity here is goddess Sree Porkali (Adi Parasakthi) and goddess Siva Sakthi ponmakal (Badra Kali). The Goddess in the temple of Kaitheri Edam is worshipped as the Supreme Mother, creator of all living beings and the mighty preserver as well as destroyer of them all.History behind this temple is, both the goddess started from vayanad (sreeporkali kav ) and gone to many places with blessings of Lord Kottiyoor Perumall (Odakkatil Achan), finally they reached to Kaitheri and saw the sandiya deepam ( sandiya deepam mugakaniyai kandu santhoshichu, kaitheri karthavinte neerum, nilavum kandu kothichu kayeduthu ). Later karanvas constructed temple, now it is fully functional with regular Poojas (morning & evening) and also performs theyyam in February( Kumbam-6,7,8). Along with goddess, vettaykorumakan, deyivathar, gulikan theyyams also performs here, thanks to the efforts of the Family members and the local devotees.
Kaitheri Edam (KE) family have its associates families like Kaitheri Keloth (KK), Ammal Kaitheri (AK), Kaitheri Ramath (KR), Kaitheri Manikoth (KM), Kaitheri Kandoth (KK ), Kaithery Madam (KM), Iringal Kaitheri, Meethale Veetil Kaitheri, kunnath kaitheri, kaitheri Puthalath, Kaitheri Puthiyedath etc